The Philosophy

Every single day i will give you the best bets possible. This could be a single, but it can also be an accumulator or, as some will call it, a parlay.

My general idea behind my tips is as follows:

I will give ONE single per day

I will give ONE double per day

I will give ONE treble per day

This is a system for the MLB that has worked well for me over the years. For the upcoming Football season i will give different suggestions, but for now lets focus on the baseball philosophy.


I will never advice you to put as much money on one bet as on the next or previous bet. This is because i want you to make money and you need to make money when you can. This means that all my DAILY tips work around the following philosophy:

Lets assume you have a $20 betting bank per day. I will advice a single, a double and a treble everyday.

The idea is to make money, so we want to make sure that with ONE winning bet you make money.

The SINGLE you place for $10

The Double you place for $5

The treble you place for $3

Now, my singles are ALWAYS around the EVEN money mark.. Sometimes it will be 10/11 (1.90) and sometimes it will be 5/4 (2,25) ot higher.

The Doubles always pay around 3/1 (4.00)

The Trebles generally pay well above 7/1 (8.00)

If you follow the “betting bank”  rules as i stated above you would STAKE $18 per day and IF ONLY the single comes in you get $20 back. IF ONLY the double comes in you get $20 back and IF ONLY the treble comes in you get $24 back.

This is a rough rule, but in any case you would make money!!! that is what the game is about. Most of the times my bets will have BETTER odds than in the example, but when you fill in your slip with your bookie or sports book you will immediately see the possible returns. In most cases i will post the payouts which are LIVE payout schedules from William Hill Bookmakers. This is where i place my bets and i strongly advice my followers to do the same as they offer a HUGE variety of markets on the baseball.


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